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30on30: Greatest Guitarists Picked by Greatest Guitarists
What do we mean when we call music pretentious?
Heard it playing over the PA - had to buy it there & the
The Most Ridiculous Record Covers Of All Time
The apocalypse is true
Hated Christmas Music
Download Every Free MP3 We Gave Away in 2012 Right Here
Peter Gabriel IV
Songwriters Hall of Fame nominees
Rock and Roll in Four Parts
Download for Good - The David Lynch Foundation
Top 10 Unsung Guitarists
The Buckethead list
Alex in wonderland - AKA An extension of the splooge thread
The opening chord in A Hard Days Night
Top 100 Guitarists: Rolling Stone
Musical Ranges and How They Relate to Guitars
Miss the Hiss? Fanatics Flip for Tunes on Cassette Tapes
Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton "Moon River" live....
My story told, at last
Five Songwriters Who Deserve The Comic Book Treatment
Paul McCartney Forming ‘New Beatles’ for Olympics?
Alan Parsons training session
No land left to claim in Rock Music
Jon Anderson Boston TV interview
Arctic Monkeys' Suck It and See' censored in the US
Great white sharks huge fans of rock band AC/DC
Classical voice coach rates top 5 metal singers....
Top 10 Instrumental Songs from the ’60s
Early Yes shows (1969 - 1971) for download!
Go ahead. Splooge away.
Music That Sucks
Geek stuff ... vinyl pre-echo ...
50 years of concept albums
"The Art of the Album" exhibition in London
"Dave Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Way" - Documentary
Did you know?
Emerson hospitalized, Lake&Emerson tours cancelled!
Have you checked out NPR Music?
50 Great Voices: Explore The Nominations
Jimmy Page Announces $691 Book
Frank Zappa day announced
Musical things to ponder ...
Pink Floyd’s ABITW as Iranian protest song!
Roger Water talks on facebook....
Roger Dean ripp-off?!
Music inspired by Alice in Wonderland
Norah Jones steals from Booker T.
Want your son to be a guitar player? Name him Steve.
What's your current earworm ... ?
RUSH: Documentary wins award at Tribeca Film Festival!
100 Greatest Rock Drum Performances!
Taylor Swift - Pop Tart or Country Queen?
Best Rhythm Section ever in Rock music!
PETER GABRIEL offers fifteen rare prints of his album covers
Assorted Live CDs.
Best hard rock/heavy metal guitar combo?
Say it ain't so!!!!
Who are these people?
And I am not frightened to listen to this album in full...
Elvis Costello on the second season of Spectacle
The Lyrics Thread
EMI - Abbey Road for sale
What Are You Listening To?
I seem to recall this party..........
The IPOD/MP3 Player Shuffle
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