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Why Are We Here? Because We Can Be.
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Thought(s) for the day(s)
Is AGP down again?
Anyone notice my post count?
Goodbye 2011
Haven't been here in a while
So.... what's going on? Been away for a while...
And we have 103 registered users !!!! there anybody in there?
"Why are we here?"
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
Somebody had to....
Oh - My *Other* thought for the day
On Yesfans and Bannings
Someone had to provide the 10,000th post....
Am I back?
new member (here anyway)
Hello again!
NORAD Tracks Santa!
Hello my friends!
Yes depresses me but I'd love to chat.
Helloo !!!!!
Hey now!
Hi All
I'm working on a new logo ...
A bird told me this was a cool forum.
What happened to AGP?
Hi from Brian
Steve Penn - Seed Planter
Hi there
Today is...
An Official, Big Assclown Welcome To You All!
Question for the Day
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